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Patrick Korell Attorney Torrington Chairman
Tom Gardner Banking Torrington Vice Chairman
Dr. Donna Beth Downer Community Volunteer Torrington Secretary & Treasurer
Dr. Tom Armstrong President, EWC Torrington
Janice Atkins-Neva Volunteer Eagle, Idaho
Barbara Bonds Bond Attorney Cheyenne
Bruce Brown Accountant Hulett
Chuck Brown Agriculture Business Wheatland
Cactus Covello Banking Torrington
Dick Glandt Retired, Agriculture Torrington
Joe Guth Banking Torrington
Lowell Kautz Farming Huntley (Trustee representative)
Kathryn Kelly Community Volunteer Torrington
Tom John McCreery Retired, Banking Torrington
Deidre Newman Real Estate Torrington
Gary Olson Business Owner Torrington (Trustee representative)
John Patrick Ranching Lingle (Trustee representative)
Todd Peterson Banking Torrington
Scott Prusia Agriculture Lending Torrington
Bill Rueb Business Owner Torrington
Ryan Schilreff WYRULEC Torrington
Kelly Sittner Banking Torrington
Dr. Marion Smith Physician Torrington
Wayne Tatman Ranching Lingle
Leland Vetter EWC Faculty Torrington