Judy Brown
GEAR UP Director
I have a BA in Anthropology from the University of Wyoming and am pursuing a Masters Degree. I grew up in Cheyenne, moved to Laramie where I worked for the as Curator for the Wyoming State Archeology Office and the University’s Anthropology department for 16 years. My Family moved to Torrington where I became Director of Goshen County’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Program before getting involved with the GEAR UP Program. I enjoy reading, hunting, fishing, and camping with my family. I have traveled to South America, Europe, and Africa; I look forward to visiting the rest of the continents soon. Something you didn’t know about Me: I won the Miss Wyoming Body Building Contest when I was 24!
Sandra Harold
GEAR UP Technician
I grew up in the Big Horn Mountains and hope that my Husband, daughter, and I always live in Wyoming. I moved to Torrington in order to attend college. Even though I did not complete my degree in Veterinary Technology, I learned a great deal. I have had many interesting jobs which include being a Family Teacher for St. Joseph’s Children’s Home and a Cadre Team Leader for Wyoming Youth Challenge Program. I returned to EWC and earned my Associate degree in Business Administration and am now working on a Bachelor degree through the online Outreach Program of the University of Wyoming. I have been with GEAR UP since 2010. Something you may not know about me: I have an average philtrum.
Aaron Wolfe
I attended Walla Walla High School and graduated in 1989. After high school I attended Walla Walla Community College where I played football and received my Associate of Arts degree, I later transferred to Western Washington University were I continued my education and continued to play football. After a year and half I, transferred to Eastern Washington University where I earned my B.A. degree in Anthropology. I Worked for the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers for a short stint. After dating my current wife for five months we moved to Wyoming in the summer of 88′. I decided to go back to school at the University of Wyoming where I received my B.A in Secondary Education in Social Science and then taught at Torrington High School. After teaching for a couple of years I then I took on a new challenge and became a case manager for SPMI individuals at Peak Wellness Center for four years. I started working for the EWC Workforce Department as the ETSS Grant Manager. I have been working for the GEAR UP grant since 2008.
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. ~Jimmy Johnson